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It makes sense to be a member!

You can become a member of the VdO (the German Opera Choirs’ and Stage Dancers’ Organisation) if you are a professional opera singer or stage dancer or training to be a singer or dancer. It makes no difference whether you are employed or work on a freelance basis.

How to become a member

Just fill in the online membership form or print the membership form and send it, complete with your personal data, to the following address:

Moritz Volkenborn
Ludwigkirchplatz 2
10719 Berlin

Do you still have questions about the membership and want to know, how will it help me? Then keep reading!

The Benefits of being a member of the VdO

  • Only if you are a member of the VdO can you benefit directly from pre-negotitated tariff agreements (such as the ‘Normalvertrag Bühne’, a standard contract for artistic personnel). If you are not a member, your employer can set his own tarifs which are not in your favour.
  • As the trade union and professional body representing opera choir singers and stage dancers on German stages, we campaign for your social, economic and cultural interests (e.g. at the relevant committees of the VddB -Verwaltungsrat der Versorgungsanstalt der deutschen Bühnen, the chamber for social benefits and pensions-,the GVL -Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten, the collecting Society for neighbouring Right-, the KSK, Künstlersozialkasse, the Artists’ social welfare Fund-, the DKR -Deutscher Kulturrat, German Cultural Council-, the DMR -Deutscher Musikrat, German Music Council.
  • By becoming a member you are helping to the protect the existing working conditions of opera choirs and stage dancers, as well as safeguarding social fair working conditions in the future and preventing any changes to them.
  • We provide legal advice for all your questions concerning employment law, social law and copyright - Personal, competent and non-bureaucratic, simply via telephone or e-mail.
  • We provide legal protection in the Courts of Arbitration, Labour, Social and Civil for any legal issues arising out of your working relationship.
  • We support you in respect of strikes and guarantee your living when you don’t get paid because of strike or lock-out.
  • You get the trade journal "Oper&Tanz” (opera&dance) every two months free of charge.

How much does the membership cost?

The fee amounts to 1 percent of the local artists’ basic salary (in your first year as a member only 0.5 percent), without bonuses and extra-pays.

The dues you contribute are fully deductible from your taxable income.

Example: With a local artists’ basic salary of 2,792 Euros (maximum contribution pay level 2 b), the monthly membership fee equates to 27.92 Euros.

Your membership really pays off, financially: You save yourself the cost of a Legal Protection Insurance for labour disputes and you will not need to contribute if your claim is legally protected.

In addition, we guarantee that your legal assistance will be specialized in artists’ collective bargaining law. There is no charge for an initial consultation which other lawyers usually bill, and you won’t have to bear the expenses for legal representation (which could easily add up to over 2,000 Euros in case of litigation).

Membership really makes sense!

Have we persuaded you? This is how you become a member of the VdO:

Just fill in the online membership form or print the membership form and send it, complete with your personal data, to the following address:

Moritz Volkenborn
Ludwigkirchplatz 2
10719 Berlin

If you still have questions, contact us here!


For legal questions and collective bargainings:
Vereinigung deutscher Opernchöre und Bühnentänzer e.V. (VdO)
Head office
Tobias Könemann, director
Kolumbastraße 5
50667 Köln
Tel.: 0221 / 272 689-40
Fax: 0221 / 272 689-41

For legal questions and collective bargainings:
Berlin office
Gerrit-Michael Wedel, vice director
Ludwigkirchplatz 2
10719 Berlin
Tel: (030) 884723-0
Fax: (030) 884723-23
Consultation hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Box office, membership administration For declaration of accession, questions concerning the payment of your membership fee, bank details, change of address, change of employer, accepting and turning down volunteer work for the VdO, Recruitment Bonus/New Subscriber Bonus, anniversaries, case of death, dismissals etc., please contact:

Moritz Volkenborn
Ludwigkirchplatz 2
10719 Berlin
Tel: (030) 8847 23-50
Fax: (030) 8847 23-23

Editorial coordination Oper&Tanz:
Barbara Haack
Tel: 0941/94 593 12
Fax: 0941/94 593 50